The Roots (Core Values, Beliefs, and Mission)
Who We are and Why We Exist: Green Acres Real Estate, Inc. exists to work diligently and ethically to provide high quality real estate services to the home buying, home selling, and real estate investing public. As we continually explore new ideas and help our clients, we maintain principles of professionalism, integrity, and profitability. It is the utmost importance for our company to think of the client first and place their concerns ahead of our own, as we are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships.

The Trunk (Operating Principles)
How We Do Things: As mentioned above, our core business principles are professionalism, integrity, and profitability. Professionalism at Green Acres Real Estate, Inc. means that our employees will approach the business with ethical conduct toward our customers and clients. We also encourage our employees to continue their education and training so that they have the knowledge to better help our clients. This will also keep all of our employees informed and at the peak of awareness for customers and clients. Integrity at Green Acres Real Estate, Inc. is simple. Honesty in all business dealings is the best way to gain clientele and keep business always. Simple honesty also forms the basis for the best business protection we can get. Profitability with our business means that we are in business to make profits while also helping our clients to the best of our abilities and forming lasting relationships. Each agent and staff member has a responsibility to help contribute to our profitability. Our company exists to put our clients first while also being successful in the market of real estate.

The Branches (Culture)
The Collective Behaviors of the Team: It is important that all employees work together as a team to provide the best real estate services to our clients and our communities. As a company, we encourage all of our agents and employees to collectively work together as a team to ensure success for all within the company. As a team, our company promotes our business through advertising and working with people within our communities. Not only do our employees and agents work together as a team, but they also promote a friendly, safe environment for every client that works with us or walks through our doors. It is important that our office is comfortable and inviting for anyone that would enter our doors.

The Fruit (Results)
The Measure of Our Mission: We measure our mission by collecting reviews from our clients on many forms of social media and websites. We also manage spreadsheets that keep track of our transactional data to measure our profitability success. However, the main result we hope to receive is happy clients who will continue to work with us in the future along with referring us to their friends, family, and communities. Our company hopes to build lasting relationships with our clients that are meaningful so that we can provide the best real estate services possible.